Clinical data fields

The ABCTB collects the following clinical data fields.

Clinical History

Breast Cancer Date, Status of Benign breast disease & Date, Type of prior cancer, Age at diagnosis, Year of diagnosis, Treatment for the cancer, Procedure type, Date of procedure, Assessment result, Delivery History (Age at first full term delivery, Gravida, Para, Breast feeding, No. of children breast fed), Hormonal Factors (Age at menarchy, Age at menopause, Menopause status, OCP/Hormonal implants, Age taken, No. of years used, History of HRT, No. of years HRT), Hysterectomy, Oophrectomy and family history.

Lifestyle Factors

Tobacco and Alcohol Use, Height, Weight, BSA, BMI.

Breast Pathology

Primary histologic diagnosis, Size of lesion, Primary site (ICD10AM), Laterality of primary, Histopathological grade, Degree of Spread, Stage, Node Biopsy , ER, PR, Her-2 and other markers.

Treatment Information

Treatment dates, agent & dose.

Follow up Information

Date of follow-up and disease status.

Disclaimer: All clinical data points may not be available for all patients.