About us

The overall aim of the Australian Breast Cancer Tissue Bank (ABCTB) is to support research to improve our knowledge about the disease and our ability to manage breast cancer in the future. The biobank is an open access, not for profit resource established in 2005 with support from an Enabling Grant from the National Health and Medical Research Council as well as grants from the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Cancer Institute of NSW.

The ABCTB consists of a management core located at the University of Sydney at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research, with collection centres and affiliate sites distributed across Australia.

Meet Our Team

Li Ma Tissue Bank Scientist

Adam Robinson IT and Data Manager

Mythily SachchithananthanScientific Manager

Usman Jawaid Database Manager

Judith Heads Tissue Bank Officer

Kaltin Ferguson Tissue Bank Manager

Elaine Bean Breast Tissue Bank Coordinator

Carmel Chapman Tissue Bank Officer

Kathleen Phillips Breast Tissue Bank Coordinator
Northern Sydney Collection Centre

Erin Hoyer Administrative Officer - Clinical Data